Hey guys!   

I'm Sheyenne, a Florida native with a love for books, Elvis, math, and all things true crime. I'm psyched to be taking this journey with my long-time best friend! Thanks for hanging out!


About me

Currently finishing up my degrees in criminal justice and psychology, and trying to figure out life at the same time. You can usually find me binge-watching serial killer docus or Forensic Files, reading anything written by John Douglas, or petting dogs/thinking about petting dogs.

I really like ice cream, margaritas, Game of Thrones, and waffles at lunchtime.

Diagnosis of PTSD, major depression, anxiety, but 8 months successfully free of all meds.

Former collegiate cross country and track athlete, turned elite runner, turned former elite plagued with bad knees and a 5:02 mile hanging over her head.

Currently residing in Gainesville, Florida.

5 Facts about me....
  1. My grandmother baby sat Tom Petty.
  2. I have witnessed an autopsy.
  3. I have a poem published in a national poetry book.
  4. I was the first student in my high school to sign to play a collegiate sport (usually goes unnoticed).
  5. I cannot watch ASPCA commercials.

I'm a sun bum and water bug, so I get A LOT of sun. I am OBSESSED with coconut oil, and all things natural. So excited to take this journey with you!