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Full body care

A total body spa treatment is your marching orders! Cleanse, detox, & refresh your skin to bring back the glow. The goal of your skin care routine is some overall maintenance: balance the natural oils in your skin, exfoliate, & hydrate. You face, hair, & body will be feeling revitalized!

Key Ingredients

To refresh your skin & bring back the glow, these active ingredients will help do the trick.

Your Routine

In 5 Simple Products


Chamomile Face Mask

A blend of 3 clays works to cleanse, detox, & gently exfoliate without drawing oil from your skin.

Moisturize intensely without clogging pores with carefully selected oils also packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.


Body Oil

Nothing beats old-fashioned, straight-from-nature moisture when your skin needs a drink.

Bathe yourself in luscious oils and lavender to freshen & hydrate your skin while relaxing all at the same time.


Hair Scrub

Give your scalp a royal treatment by scrubbing away dead & dry skin with a salt hair scrub.

Rehydrate your roots & scalp with deep conditioning oils along with the deep exfoliation.


Lash & Brow Oil

Give your lashes & brows a boost while exfoliating & moisturizing.

Rosemary oil treats your hair with love, while castor oil & vitamin E help alleviate dryness & flakiness (which we all know can even happen in our brows).



Night Cream

Get in the sleep zone with soft skin & a dose of soothing chamomile.

This buttery, luxurious whipped cream contains a carefully crafted blend of essential oils for the perfect inflammation reducing nightcap while deeply hydrating your skin.

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Wanna amp it up?

Use these in addition to your regimen to kick things up a notch & amplify your results.

Body Scrub

Exfoliate with pretty, pink salty scrub while oils deeply moisturize your skin.

Get a total body experience by using this scrub on your face & body for baby soft & smooth skin.

Day Cream

Tone & revitalize with a silky blend of whipped oil & butter designed with your dry skin in mind.

Loaded with super oils, vitamins, & moisturizing agents, this day cream will support skin elasticity & youthfulness.

Dry Shampoo

Rhassoul clay has been used since ancient times as a skin & hair treatment. Use this dry shampoo to draw out toxins, oils, & impurities. Then wash it away to exfoliate & cleanse.

Keep your hair fresh without using chemical-filled shampoo.