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I cannot say enough how clear my face is. I've always struggled with oil, sun spots, breakouts, & scars. But since I've been using Egyptian Organics products, I hardly wear ANY makeup, and I feel soooo comfortable. I literally love how they feel and what they do to my face. I've spent hundreds -- if not thousands -- of dollars on products in my life to try and help. Proactive, all of it. Proactive literally dries your skin out in the process of drying the acne out. This is the complete opposite!

>> Sheyenne <3


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Every ingredient is natural, purposeful, & carefully chosen to make you and your skin feel amazing.

Essential Oils
Activated Charcoal

You’ll never find a single chemical or harmful ingredient in any of our products. Each is crafted to feel, smell, & look amazing so that you never have to sacrifice the perks of conventional products — or your personal health.

A personal note from Kate...

Every single Egyptian Organics product came straight from my own personal bathroom. (Not like it’s pre-used. Like I designed it for myself and gave it a full test run.)

The entire company was founded on the idea that truly natural & effective products should be available to everyone without being forced to DIY from Pinterest (even though that can be super fun!). Sometimes you just don’t want to spend your whole Saturday Googling how to make a mask that won’t set your face on fire just to realize that half of the ingredients are obscure and will take 2 weeks to ship to your house. Don’t worry… I’ve got that 100% taken care of for you.

I have very sensitive skin and can’t apply any chemicals, fragrances, or synthetic products to my skin without severe backlash. Even products that are supposed to be for sensitive skin or “natural” tear me up.

I once used lotion (from a reputable brand in the health sphere so I thought I was safe) right before a date. I spent the next hour trying to stop my face from burning and looking like I had a severe sunburn. That was the last straw for me, and I never looked back.

For those of you who are fed up with claims of being “natural” and “safe” and for “sensitive” skin and then they’re totally NOT… this is for you. I have walked in your shoes, and couldn’t be more thrilled to offer you the exact solutions you’ve been looking for. Down to the very last ingredient.

Much, much love,

>> KatE <3

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